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About Cis455

History 2020: Conception

In the spring of 2020, founder Boluwatife Johnson was inspired to invent a web based database computer information system that would compile information from different sources on technology, politics, news and science to be made available to people all around the world. Also, in his final semester in college, a class required him to submit a project as a showcase of what he had learnt in his years of study in the CIS program at North Carolina Wesleyan College. This Website served as a submission of that class which was also called CIS 455 “Systems Project”.The name of that class inspired the name of the website. And thus, CIS455.com was born. Cis455.com was launched to bring insight, meaning and appreciation to technology whilst keeping users informed on the latest trends in computer and scientific technology.

Remarkable Progress:
Forging Ahead

There’s a large and growing amount of people who take a special interest in science and technology. These people need a vast amount of reliable and accurate information to complement their need for accurate data and personal connections. Cis 455 is a well refined web platform that focuses on the needs of various groups and individuals and prioritizes informing on reliable data, remarkable stories and ideas by providing a platform that encourages sharing ideas and information without barriers.

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A new face of competitive gaming.

At Cis 455, we love love love gaming! We support all gaming platforms and we don’t discriminate, be it xbox, playstation, Nintendo switch or PC. We encourage you to feel free to browse our site on the latest news on gaming and don’t be shy to leave your comment or give us feedback.

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Boluwatife Johnson

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