Agile Films Launches Agile Studios

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Agile Film’s Adidas Ultraboost campaign.

Agile Films has announced the launch of their new sister company, Agile Studio. Under the leadership of creative director, David Horsburgh, a collective of animators, filmmakers, producers, and creative directors will work directly with agencies to brand and develop short form and social content. The studio, which already works with some of the world’s most progressive brands, specializes in mixed media, animation, and design, as well as social filmmaking, to create fun, innovative content.

“We are very proud to be announcing Agile Studio today, a new home for all the great film, content and animation work our team has been creating over the past few years,” commented Horsburgh. “We pride ourselves on being a diverse collective of filmmakers and creatives with wide ranging experience from live action film making, through production quality VFX and 3D photoreal rendering, to mixed media collage and 2D hand-drawn cel animation. Over the past few years we’ve built a large team of digital creatives, script writers, producers, directors and film makers, animators, editors and colorists; that all allow us, in one collective studio, to see projects right through from initial concept to final delivery.”

“It’s this broad experience base and collaborative environment that means we can approach each new project in fun, creative and innovative ways and we hope this new studio & site can help showcase our teams’ great talent,” he added.

Horsburgh, alongside EP, Richard South, oversee a large full-time team of filmmakers, creative producers, 3D and 2D animators, graphic artists, illustrators, offline editors, as well as a full grading facility and a dedicated post-production team, and are excited to officially launch this new part of the Agile family.

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