Aushield Defend, a new platform for firms to boost cyber defences

Australian businesses will be able to share information about cyber threats in a bid to help defend against attacks under a platform being developed with federal government funding.

Cybermerc has secured $1.22 million to help develop Aushield Defend, a threat intelligence platform for Australian industry, researchers and academia.

Cybermerc chief Matthew Nevin says the new platform will allow Australians to work together to protect networks.

“This includes universities and research institutions who will, as a world-first, have access to the very latest malware, and be able to use this to work with industry on a whole-of-nation effort to defend our digital economy,” he said.

The latest round of AustCyber funds will also go towards a TAFE cybersecurity education project, a University of Adelaide project to provide schools with cyber resources, and a cyber security job platform.

Experts say China is likely behind the sophisticated cyber attacks on Australia’s private and public organisations, but political leaders in Canberra are refusing to point the finger.

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