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Computer Information Systems

The Information Systems department helps prepare students to expect and meet the needs for lifelong learning

study areas

The Computer Information Systems curriculum emphasizes web design and development, programming, database, networking, and security which allows students to choose from a wide variety of career options

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Computer Security Engineering

With comprehensive ethical hacking methodologies students are thought how to manage and protect sensitive data from external threats

software development

Develop ways for businesses to market and sell their products and services through electronic devices. Develop or support new technology to facilitate business transactions

Information Systems

Design and build wired and wireless networks to share information and data among network clients. Manage business information networks and data as a database administrator, manager, or developer


Several courses  in programming structures,  C++ and advanced c++ introduces students to new and improved platforms in the programming world 

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A leader in the transformation and production of cutting-edge research and education

The excellence and success of North Carolina Wesleyan’s faculty and students resides in their drive to discover and collaborate while working to ensure leadership and growth

Interactive design foundation

Learn to concept, code, and publish standard content for all kinds of platforms from websites to mobile devices 


master the fundamentals of form and function that go into interactive user-friendly online experiences.

From Web flow to freelancing and more...

Students in our program work on developing logical, intuitive, and clear interfaces while learning how users interact and use different types of websites on different platforms

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The speed of technological change is reflected in their course work, preparing students to expect and meet the needs of the modern workforce

The program features state-of-the-art technology equipment.The cutting-edge equipment available to students include: macbooks, iPads, cameras, and so on

Programming Database &
Game Design

Information systems Design

In-depth modules that emphasize the architectural design and modifications of interfaces and data for system to satisfy specified requirements

Database management Systems

Learn to write SQL code for databases with top of the industry platforms like MySQL

Unreal Engine 4

Our Unreal Engine 4-based game design class introduces students to an extensive collection of instructional materials with no prior programming knowledge needed

Emerging technologies

Students are introduced to a wide variety of digital devices and mechanisms that are still largely unrealized


The main campus of NC Wesleyan College is located in Rocky Mount, NC, where the college serves residential and commuting traditional students, as well as adults pursuing degrees through the ASPIRE program.

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Top courses designed to provide training that’s as streamlined and to-the-point as possible

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Experienced proffesors

Available to students is a wealth of reputable instructors with years of experience

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top classes & materials

Curriculum encompasses significant requirements such as background, core, breadth, depth, and project analysis whilst making use of new and emerging technology materials 

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98% of our traditional students receive financial assistance from a variety of sources such as grants, scholarships, work-study, and student loans.

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