Seller floods hacker forum with data stolen from 14 companies

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A data breach broker is selling databases containing user records for 14 different companies he claimed were breached by hackers in 2020.

When a company is breached, threat actors will typically download accessible databases, including account records. These databases are then sold directly to other threat actors, or the hackers utilize data breach brokers to sell them on their behalf.

Over the past month, a known and reputable data breach broker has been selling numerous databases on hacker forums that they state were acquired in data breaches conducted in 2020.

Each of the fourteen databases being sold contains different information, but they all include usernames and hashed passwords.

Alleged database for sale
Alleged database for sale

The databases currently being sold by this broker are for fourteen companies that include game sites, food delivery services, Soccer streaming,  online fashion, and loans.

Of the databases being sold, only four of the companies were known to be breached in the past.

These are HomeChefMintedTokopedia, and Zoosk.

The data breach broker told BleepingComputer that the prices for these databases can be as low as $100, while others that he is selling are $1,100.

The companies who were allegedly breached and whose databases are being sold are listed below.

Company# of recordsAlleged Breach Date
DarkThrone282,825June 2020
Efun2.2 million2020
Fluke353,321June 2020
Footters209,783June 2020
HomeChef8 million2020
JamesDelivery1.6 millionMarch 2020
KitchHike115,480June 2020
KreditPlus896,170June 2020
Minted4.3 millionMay 2020
Playwings4.1 millionApril 2020
Revelo1.1 millionJune 2020
Tokopedia91 millionApril 2020
Yotepresto1.4 millionJune 2020
Zoosk29.1 millionJanuary 2020

From samples of user records seen by BleepingComputer, the data breaches look legitimate, but they have not been confirmed directly by the companies.

If real, though, these databases are a serious concern as they contain a combined total of 132,957,579 user records that contain a large amount of information that can be used in credential stuffing attacks at other sites.

Alleged user database
Alleged user database

In addition to these alleged 2020 breaches, the broker is also selling databases from older breaches including Star Tribune, EpicGames, ZyngaPoker, ReverbNation, Wirecard, ClickFunnels, and many more.

After learning of these alleged data breaches, BleepingComputer had attempted to contact the affected companies but has not heard back as of yet.

Unfortunately, this is all too common.

In the past, when this seller, and others like them, were selling data breaches, we did not hear back from the companies until they announced a data breach.

To be safe, if you have an account at any of the sites listed above, it is strongly suggested that you change your password to a strong and unique one used only at that site.

If the same password has been used at other sites, change your password to a unique one at those sites as well.

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