Sony Contacted All Major Third Parties for PS5 Exclusives

As Sony’s Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man exclusivity continues to be hotly debated in the games industry, a number of known and trusted insiders have been asking players to brace themselves for more “shocking” deals.

When we shared Marvel’s AvengersPlayStation Advantage” trailer with our readers yesterday, we mentioned previous comments by Kinda Funny’s Imran Khan, who said that Sony’s unannounced exclusivity deals are surprisingly huge.

Over the weekend, Khan added more context to his comments on ResetEra after another user, who goes by the name Matt, said that there are “a lot” of similar deals coming and their “scale will be shocking.” According to Khan, Sony will be using the “PlayStation Advantage” and “Console Exclusive” branding frequently going forward, and the company approached nearly all major third parties for various types of exclusivity deals. But wait, there’s more.

Sony has reportedly offered more money for these deals than Microsoft was willing to offer, the mere idea of which has taken many by surprise because Microsoft has long been known as the company with healthy balance sheets.

Khan said:

There isn’t a major third party out there Sony failed to approach asking what kind of deals they could work out. Some had content, some had games, some had content and games. It is not like Microsoft was not willing to offer, they just didn’t want to pay the asking price, because Sony approached with pretty high numbers in the first place.

That ‘PlayStation Advantage’ branding and ‘Console Exclusive’ wording are both going to get a lot of use in the next few years.

We certainly have our eyes and ears peeled.

[Source: ResetEra via Reddit]

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