The Last Of Us Tabletop Game Is Coming Soon

The Last of Us was an iconic addition to the PlayStation lineup and with its sequel out this year and a TV series on the way, Ellie and Joel are back in the spotlight. While the sequel was met with mixed reception, The Last of Us journey is far from over because a new tabletop adaptation has been announced. 

The Last of Us tabletop adventure comes from a partnership between CMON and Sony Interactive Entertainment. If CMON sounds familiar, you may remember this company from its work with Sony in the past for both the God of War and Bloodborne adaptations. 

This is the first time The Last of Us has been adapted into a board game officially. With this game, the suspense and sense of danger will be felt in a different way not on a screen. Unfortunately, we don’t have a look at the set quite yet or what sort of miniatures it will offer, but if it’s anything like its Bloodborne experience, it will be incredibly detailed and will honor the Naughty Dog series beautifully. 

The Last of Us’s universe is incredibly emotional and CMON aims to recreate that same evocative response to that world with this experience. “Remembering the impact The Last of Us had on me when I first experienced it years ago, and then being completely stunned by The Last of Us Part II, I knew this was a narrative experience we wanted to bring to the board gaming table,” says Geoff Skinner, VP of Entertainment and Head of Licensing at CMON. “We are honored to have the chance to translate a modern classic of the video game industry into a unique and compelling board game experience. The Last of Us is a series that many of us at CMON have followed from its inception and we are eager to adapt the stirring character-driven player experience to tabletop, letting fans explore the world and story in a entirely new way.”

It’ll be exciting to learn more about The Last of Us tapletop experience. Hopefully we’ll get a closer look here before the holiday season kicks off. 

[Source: CMON]

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