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12/18/2018 22:06

Here are some of the widely used vacation rental tools and software you can take a look at. They’ll help you manage your bookings from different channgels, take online bookings, reservation management and much more. It’s fast and easy to create an account and get started.      

Lodgify vacation rental software

If you are looking to manage bookings for your properties and get everything from a vacation rental software, using Lodgify is your best bet. For everything and more, Lodgify tool can be integrated on your website to provide amazing features to your users such as online booking, credit card support, reservation management and more all handled in a single place. Not only that, if you want to further spread up to other channels, our Lodgify synchronous software will assist you to gather reservation details from other highly renowned selling channels such as and Airbnb. Features:

  • Powerful and easy vacation rental website builder
  • Supports direct bookings 
  • Channel manager supporting all the major vacation rental sites such as Airbnb,, Tripadvisor and many more. 
  • Manage all reservations from one place
  • Marketing and SEO

Try Lodgify for free h ere

iGMS vacation rental software

iGMS is a complete package for your booking automation, guest communication handling and your various day to day activity, all managed in a single place. With the help of a mobile app, iGMS is equipped to provide vacation rental management with the most popular hosting channels like Airbnb, Vrbo and HomeAway with all the advanced functionalities you require. You can start using iGMS with features such as guest reviews, team management, templates, automated messaging, financial reporting and a lot more without any payment from credit card, (free 14-day trial).  


  • Synchronize your calendars from all platforms
  • Manage multiple properties on Airbnb, Vrbo and HomeAway
  • Create financial reports in minutes
  • Use multi-calendar dashboard
  • Ensure flawless communication with your guests
  • Use effective team management features


Your Porter App

The Your Porter App is the mobile app used primarily for posting Airbnb related properties and rentals professionally. The Listing can be managed through different account by using either iOS, Android and web apps. The most popular feature of Your Porter App has always remained to be its formulated messaging system, which provides convenience to the users due to the fact of mobile first use. Not only that, you can customize templates based on your taste and also personalize the message experience by adding a delay on when the message should reach to the user, and other features such as email integration, inbox managing and Airbnb SMS host. 


Escapia is developed by HomeAway Software Manufacturer, which by far is considered to be a most comprehensive vacation rental software there is. Escapia prime features involve a steady and restructured back-office tasks handling which help around 1-1000+ units management. It does also provide online reservation, trust accounting, housekeeping/maintenance management, real-time listing distribution through numerous channels and a lot more. check a free demo now and get astonished by how people prefer HomeAway software than any other one.  


Kigo is a great vacation rental software for short time management professionals which will assist them to increase their property portfolio and open up more business opportunities for them. The companies that use Kigo as a solution for vacation rental tool get much help to manage their booking and enquires about their properties as mentioned in their portfolio. Kigo greatly emphasis on service handling which includes websites integration, online payment, channel management, maintenance, operation and a lot more. Hence going with Kigo to further increase your business is the best option you can opt for.  


Guesty is more of a professional Software as a Service (SaaS) platform used to provide you the user with more activities in order to handle all your vacation rental-related tasks. Guesty provides your users will dozen of features which includes secure payment process, PMS channel management, regular reporting, automation tools, auto sync booking calendar, and also an around the clock customer support expert service which will assist your clients with a seamless reservation assistance. Guesty is more than a vacation rental software, it’s an all rounder management tool for your rental business.   

Hostaway vacation rental software

Hostaway features a great deal of management prowess which can help property owners to manage around 1-2500+ property channels all in one location. It can accumulate booking from the various popular channel and manage in one location, from like, Expedia, Airbnb, Tripadvisor and countless other channels alike. With the help of Hostaway, you can create your very own website as well with auto email and task creation, that helps you get instant invoices all ready within a days time.  


FantasticStay is one of a kind cloud-based SaaS, their property owners can manage every task of vacation rental activity, such as booking, automation tool, payment processing, reporting, accounting, email handling, unified inbox, offline management, and a lot of optimized features. On top of it, FantasticStay provides 24/7 customer support to ease up the burden and improve your overall properly management business which on the result will increase your online presence and improve various channels for generating higher revenue. 


For increasing your business, even more, Vreasy helps you manage every vacation rental based tasks all in one place, from most popular channels such as, Airbnb, TripAdvisor etc. with an integrated booking portal and help you get your booking calendar up in shape. Vreasy has the ability to handle credit card payment processing without a sweat and gets you a professionally tuned report with every statistics data you require. Additionally, Vreasy provides with a feature of guest reservation system to increase up your revenue even further with some amazing hallmarks such as money back guarantee and return booking. From just EUR 79 per month in Vreasy, you can get all the exclusive features from a vacation rental software.  

RNS Vacation Rental Software

RNS Vacation Rental Software is equipped with all the goodies that a preferred vacation rental software must have, which includes cloud-based full reservation, fully automatic, channel distribution, online booking, mobile ready, and a lot of other features comes with the package. 

TRACK Hospitality Software TRACK

Hospitality is the singular vacation rental tool used to provide a dedicated cloud computational platform to assist hospitality companies. It comes with some amazing features like the leading voice, email, text, TRACK plus, TRACK CRM, secure and sound messaging platform with a complete suite of marketing solution. Not only that, this software comes with a TRACK cloud-based PBX solution, a great substitute for the ordinary calling hardware. It can also track and provide information on a rich User Interface through displaying property management system. 


A complete package for a classic booking system, which is also known as booking engine with features that boost up your business up to the sky. Its dashboard can provide you the access for all the properties details and its management, from the scale of 1 to 100. OwnerRez support countless other sales channels such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor, etc. It can also provide with amazing features such as e-signature, templates, auto payment, autoresponders, and email scheduling. The reporting has the tendency to add your business logo and another design element to give you a personalized touch, comes with an amazing property management suite, website hosted ready, QuickBooks sync, insurances protection for travel and damages can also come in handy thought OwnerRez.

A quick to operate, with 30 days free trial no credit card or payment, give you the authority over various payment gateways such as and It comes with a fully automatic WordPress plugin integration so that you can use it with your own website in a few minutes. Includes some renowned sales channels such as Airbnb,, Expedia, along with other important website integration such as Facebook and FlipKey to help boost your business from various channels, both conventional and unconventional. For features within the for your vacation rental business, it includes door lock code generation, travel insurance, digital signature, MailChimp integration, and damage protection. The statements between owner and employee come with strict access control for layering up the work. 


For managing your staff and employees along with all the vacation rental-related work, VRScheduler is your best tool to have. The tool which helps you straighten up your extra labor cost which goes to waste on paper and other replaceable stuff, VRScheduler can assist you to undo that costly error. Comes with multi-channel integration from renowned such as Escapia, Airbnb, LiveRez and another various platform to improve your revenue generation. The features include drag-and-drop calendar, automatic scheduling, maintenance tracking and a lot more.


Airbnb alternatives

  • Flipkey by Tripadisor

    Flipkey by Tripadisor

    Tripadvisor is the largest travel site in the world with millions of users worldwide. 
    Tripadvisor is a m ust join for any vacation rental owner wanting more bookings. Tripadvisor has just launced it’s free-to-list program, making it possible for private and professional vacation…

  • Hotelscombined


    Hotel search engine with also a wide range of apartments offered. This site searches through all majord accommodation sites and always returns the best price. Hosts can add their properties for free, guests gets a price guarantee on bookings. 
    After making your search, use the filter…

  • Homestays Homestays, one of the largest hotel search engines in the world, has just lauched it’s own Homestay section to compete with Airbnb and other similar concepts. It’s free for vacation rental owners to add their properties and travelers can search among 10 000’s of Homestays worldwide. 

  • Homestay

    Homestay is a worldwide booking platform where anyone can book a homestay including tourists, leisure travellers, students, interns, people relocating for work or those who simply want to experience local culture and meet local people when they travel.

  • VRBO / Homeaway

    VRBO / Homeaway

    VRBO is on of the most popular vacation rental sites in the US with over more than 1 million listings. You can rent everything from cabins & condos to castles or villas. 

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