Weekend reads: How to divide income — a marital money spat

Quentin Fottrell, MarketWatch’s Moneyist, helps readers with difficult questions about the intersection of money and relationships.

Subjects such as divorce, inheritance and retirement planning are covered, but Fottrell also digs into the way people communicate with their loved ones about money.

This week, he gives a short answer to a question from a woman who wants to be paid back by her husband for covering the greater portion of their expenses in years past. Hundreds of readers left comments, and you can join the conversation.

Stocks for a post-election rally

We’re in the thick of gloom-and-doom season, with so many voices saying the world will end if their candidate loses. The stock market tends to slide heading into Election Day, and there may be additional uncertainty this year if the outcome is contested. But the past nine presidential elections have been followed by long stock-market rallies — no matter which party’s candidate won. So here are Wall Street’s favorite stocks for an election-relief rally.

The case for value stocks after the election

Michael Brush points out that value stocks tend to perform especially well following presidential elections, when government spending tends to increase. He names 20 that are favored for post-election gains.

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A better time shopping online

As MarketWatch’s third annual Best New Ideas In Money series continues, Tonya Garcia describes a new technology tailored for the coronavirus lockdown. An increase in online shopping is no surprise, but it takes the fun out of what many people prefer to be a group activity. Wormhole allows you to have fun with your friends while shopping together online.

A career change made easier

The coronavirus crisis has cost millions of people their jobs. For some, the only way forward is a new career. Brett Arends explains how you can receive concentrated, intense career training in as little as three months — for free.

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Two lists of ‘best places’

The latest rankings from U.S. News & World Report show that the top cities on the list of best places to live don’t overlap the list of best places to retire.

Three more retirement locations

Silvia Ascarelli helps a couple in their 60s who wish to avoid snow, high humidity and desert heat. She identifies possible locations in Oregon, Tennessee and Ohio.

Try the retirement location tool to do your own destination search.

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The U.S. Treasury.

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A guaranteed triple return on U.S. Treasury yields

Mark Hulbert has an easy, guaranteed way for you to double your money in 20 years.

Quelling Facebook

Jonathan Burton interviews Jim Steyer, founder of Common Sense Media, about ways to force Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Alphabet Inc. to work harder to protect users from misinformation and children from harmful content.

A warning from the Tax Guy

Joe Biden’s tax plan includes an important change to the current rule that allows real-estate investors to swap one piece of property for another to defer capital-gains taxes. Bill Bischoff — MarketWatch’s Tax Guy — explains the details, including some quick moves you can make this year.

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