What are the airbnb superhost requirements


How to reach the Airbnb superhost requirements:

1) Hosted at least 10 trips

Airbnb hosts aiming for superhost status must successfully have hosted more than 10 guests each year. This is quite simple, especially if you’re renting out multiple properties. If you’re struggling to meet this requirement, though, make sure your listing is price competitive. Furthermore, make sure your listing is fully updated with high quality photos and contains all the necessary information guests need to book. If you’re unsure if your listing is competitive, make an Airbnb search for a certain date and check the price of listings similar to yours. You can also use the Airbnb smart pricing tool, which will adjust your price to supply and demand. 


Also, make sure your listing appears high in search when someone looks for a listing like yours on Airbnb. You can do so by following these simple Airbnb SEO tips and strategies



2) You must have a 90% response rate or higher

Airbnb rewards active hosts who respond quickly.


When potential guests want to book your listing, they are impatient to get feedback on any questions or comments they might have. For this reason, always promptly respond to any booking inquiry, question or comment. 


To help keep a high response rate, turn on instant booking. An instant booking counts as an immediate response and will help you keep your response rate high. 


Received a 5-star review at least 80% of the time you’ve been reviewed

Some tips to get 5 star reviews: 


Set expectations right. Getting 5 star reviews it’s not about providing the most luxury. It’s about setting expectations right and exceed your guests expectations. Don’t oversell your place. Be realistic with pictures and descriptions. If the guests know what they get and there are no negative surprises, they will most likely leave you a good (and hopefully) a 5 star review. 

Be there for your guest prior, during and after their stay. Always answer your guests questions quickly. Even if issues occur, guests are willing to give you a 5 star rating and review if problems are fixed quickly and in a professional way. 

If you feel confident your guests had a good time, don’t be afraid to ask your guests to leave you a 5 star review. After all, you work hard, so you deserve the credit


Less than 1 cancellation out of 100 bookings per year.

Unless you absolutely must, do not cancel. Exceptions to this rule are made for emergencies or unavoidable circumstances. Airbnb has outlined the correct protocol to follow on their website for such cases, and guarantees to help guide you through the cancelation process.


Maintain a 4.8 rating

To retain the Airbnb superhost status, you have to continue to be an outstanding host. If your rating drops below 4.8, you’ll lose your recognition and you’ll have to start all over again to retrieve it.




Airbnb superhost requirements


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